Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2020

“Innovative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow”

9th, 10th and 11th September

#SES2020 goes virtual


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(April 18th) - Update our a virtual conference 2020: 

Dear colleagues and friends,

We hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in these exceptionally challenging times for everyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has already greatly impacted multiple sectors, including the organization of conferences and events. To avoid uncertainty, and to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of everyone, together with our colleagues of ESPAE Graduate School of Management (Ecuador), we have decided to organize SES2020 as a fully virtual summit at the announced dates of 10th and 11th September 2020.

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Wondering about different implications and practical information? Please see below: 

Deadlines and submissions remains unchanged

Preparations remain underway for the same high-quality and interactive conference programme that you expected from SES 2020, making the best possible usage of digital technologies to communicate and interact. The submission process remains unchanged, with deadline for submission 30th April 2020, and the overall timeline remains unchanged. For more information and submissions please visit:. https://easychair.org/cfp/SES2020

Conference fees substantially reduced

Affordability is one of the pillars behind the philosophy of the summit. We have substantially reduced the fees as follows:

  • General attendees: 40 EUR (was 150 EUR)
  • Students and Social Entrepreneurs: 25 EUR (was 100 EUR)

Virtual participation

The ICTs possibilities give us confidence to go fully virtual. We are aware that this endeavour might be challenging but we are looking forward to having a wonderful SES 2020. We will announce in advance more details; however, if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Entrepreneurship Fair

One of the main objectives of SES2020 is to provide hands-on help to social entrepreneurs. Last year in Santa Marta (Colombia), we had a great experience with the on-site Social Entrepreneurship Fair at Uni Magdalena, where social entrepreneurs had the opportunity to sell their products. Of course, we would like to have this activity in Guayaquil (Ecuador), however, we are forced to look for virtual alternatives. In anyway, we are working on options to create visibility and to provide support the social entrepreneurs of Guayaquil. Support that is much needed!

We hope that you can join us and share your ideas on supporting social entrepreneurs. The virtual participation might be an opportunity to our creativity. And we will continue to keep you updated about the practicalities of this event through all different communication channels (conference website, emails and social media).

On-site Summit in Guayaquil in 2021

This year’s preparation for our Summit 2020 were in full swing. We appreciate the great interest this summit raised not only in Ecuador but also across different countries in Europe and Latin America. Therefore, we will keep our ambitions for a on-site meeting in Ecuador, and SES2021 will be organized in Guayaquil at ESPAE during the fall of 2021 (dates to be confirmed).