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Individuals of the Wayuu community
The Wayuu is an indigenous community in Colombia. This community has many traditions and rituals, and wants to keep them alive. Their population exists of approximately 150.000 people, converting them in the biggest indigenous community of Colombia. However, they live in very poor conditions. There is no running water in many parts of this region and they live mostly in wooden huts. 
The Wayuu women are well-known for their amazing weaving work of bags. The Wayuu bags are made of colorful yarn by individual artisans, each of them telling a different story about their community and traditions. It can take up to 20 days to complete one bag. This activity has been practiced for hundreds of years by the Wayuu women. 
The production of Wayuu bags is an important social and cultural part of this community, which also makes it their main source of income.
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